About Us


At CloudQ, we provide comprehensive, sustainable, economical cloud strategy and digital transformation solutions through collaboration.


Our vision is to be a leader in cloud solutions delivery to SMBs.



We are a group of highly motivated individuals who, having worked with major consulting firms for Fortune 100 clients, are keen to bring enterprise level expertise to SMBs. We believe highly desirable and quality solutions can be made affordable. To us, this is our calling!

We take great pride in continuously providing Best In Class solutions to our clients.

We engage with our clients throughout the journey of the implementation of Business Solutions. As each client need is unique, we apply Design Thinking Principles to capture their business need and provide tailor made solutions that exactly match their needs and Maximize the ROI.


Our consultants are highly talented, self-motivated, goal oriented, and dedicated to their work. We provide high quality work, on time, within project and program budgets. We’ve developed a team with the skills necessary to plan, build, and launch business solutions for a diverse clientele in a broad range of industries: Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, and Consumer Products.

Many of our employees have obtained higher education degrees, and most of our team members are certified in their respective fields. This means, we are able to develop an ideal, cost-efficient solutions for our customers. We go the extra mile by doing continuous research to help our clients excel in the global market, and we’ve developed specialized methods for managing complex projects.


Customer Focus

Best in class

Passionate About Quality