CloudQ drives innovation in the development and implementation of products to answer the challenges of the new world of customer experience. We developed a product -'AutoCapture' to ease manual testing. AutoCapture works with Quality Center(It can be used without quality center as well) which eases manual testing by provoding its unique features. AutoCapture tool is world's first tool which directly communicates with HP Quality Center and eases a manual testing by saving efforts up to 60%.

Use Case:

In lot of testing projects, tester requires to attach screen shots of the full testing flow to the testing management system (like QC) and this task is tedious for manual testers. An Automatic Solution was Needed from Time, Cost and Convenience aspects

Features of AutoCapture:

Our ‘AutoCapture’ product helps to capture the screenshots and attach those directly in the test cases of HP Quality Center.

Capture Screenshots with or without task bar.

Allows to edit Captured Screenshots(crop, highlight etc.) by providing all features of MSPaint.

Automatically collects all screenshots in MSword file.

Automatically splits screenshots file into specific file size (1MB, 2MB etc.). File size is configurable.

Automatically add attachments in the Test Cases of HP Quality Center.

Allows to add description (notes) into the Screenshots file without opening it.

Automatically passes/fails test case as per the selection of Tester.

Provides ultimate ‘Settings’ functionality to customize as per your requirements.